How To Share Your Screen On Teams

Microsoft Teams is a very popular communications app. Businesses far and wide use it, so it is good to know how to work with it.

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In the last couple of years, Teams became widely used as a videoconferencing tool. Work from home became the new normal and people needed to communicate within the Microsoft ecosystem of apps. Since Microsoft and its system of apps are so popular, it only made sense for them to develop their own video conferencing app. Before they did this, there was Slack and Google Meet. Both are good options, but Microsoft wanted people to use their own software.

Sharing From The App

To share from the app, you want to click the share button. This button is at the top right of the Teams window. It is next to the leave button in red. After you click it, it will show you several options to choose from. These options pertain to what you want to share. This can be everything or just certain windows. Then, you can choose whether you want your camera showing. 

When your screen is being shared, it is outlined in red. This is a helpful reminder that your screen is being shared. When you are done, click stop presenting. 

Sharing From The Mobile App

Once joined on a Teams call from a mobile device, you want to click the 3-dots at the bottom right of your screen. Then you want to click share. Again, you have several options to choose from. Choose to share your screen. It does not get much simpler.

Sharing from Chat

You can also share your screen from chat. At the top right, you can click on the share button. This has to be done within the app or browser. You can not share your screen from a chat on mobile. You will see a few options, so choose the most appropriate for your situation.  


In this article, we talked about how to share your screen from Teams. This can be done through the app, a mobile device, or chat. Remember to stop sharing when you are done.