How To Search Google Effectively

With these tips, I want to show you how to search Google effectively.

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Almost everyone uses Google to search. However, most people do not know any of the tricks they can use. These tricks can really help. Read on to see what you can accomplish with Google search!


Use Quotes

Using quotes around your search term gives more accurate results.

“Why is C++ faster than Python”

Of course, insert your own search term above.


Use The “And” Operator

The “AND” operator gives results related to both search terms.

C++ and Python

This gives you information on both C++ and Python together.


Use The “Or” Operator

The “OR” operator does the opposite. It gives results of either.

C++ or Ruby

This search gives you information on either C++ or Ruby.


Use The Minus Operator

The minus operator gives results minus something you don’t want to see.

C++ -Vscode

This search gives you C++ information but will exclude anything concerning Vscode.


Use Wildcards

The wildcard operator, “*”, is a placeholder. It will give you all kinds of interesting results.

How do I learn to program in *

This gives fun and varied information and makes searching fun!


Search A Single Site

This option is very common. It is very useful because it lets you search for a single website for the information you want.

This brings up articles just from this site.


Search For A File Type

I look for pdf’s all the time and I have a nice collection of them. This search technique makes it easy.

Filetype:pdf intermediate C++

This gives me the information that I need.


Use The Before Operator

This type of search is used with a date. It will help you find very specific information.

C++ before:2018

This shows me C++ articles before 2018.


Use The After Operator

Again, this search format gives specific information after a date.

C++ after:2020

This is useful when you want to find the newest information.



In this article, I have showed how to use different search techniques for Google. You have a lot of flexibility and these options can really help. So, the next time you need to Google something, try one of these techniques.