How To Add Google Calendar To Outlook

Most of us use both of these calendars. It is handy to have one place to view both. Let me show you how to sync both together.

Table of Contents

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Almost everyone has multiple calendars. As a result, we all juggle them and get sick of it. There is a better way, though. We just need to sync them together. It is much more convenient that way.

Add Google Calendar To Outlook

The first thing you want to do is go to your Google calendar and log in. On the left side, you will see a link called “My Calendars”. You want to click on “My Calendars” until it shows your list of calendars that you are a part of. Find the calendar you want to add to Outlook. Hover over it and you will see the 3-dot menu. Click on the 3-dots and select Settings and Sharing. On the new left hand menu, select “Integrate Calendar”. 

You will see a section called “Secret Address in iCal Format”. In this section, click the “Copy” button. Now, open the Outlook app. Go to your menu and click “File then Account Settings”. Then, click “Account Settings” again. Click the “Internet Calendars” tab and select “New”. In the next window, give your calendar a name and copy the secret iCal address in the field below it. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked as they are useful. Finally, go to your calendar section in Outlook on the bottom left. You just click on the new calendar you created. 

  • Log in to google calendar
  • Click My Calendars
  • Select 3-dot menu next to calendar you want to sync
  • Click Settings and Sharing
  • Select Integrate Calendar
  • Copy the iCal format address
  • In Outlook, click File then Account Settings
  • Select Account Settings again
  • Click Internet Calendars
  • Select new
  • Give calendar a name
  • Copy the secret iCal address in the correct box
  • Check all the boxes
  • Click on the calendar you just named in bottom left of Outlook

Add Outlook Calendar To Google 

You want to open the web Outlook page and log in. Open the settings by clicking the gear icon. Click “View All Outlook Settings”. Select “Calendar” on the left hand side and then “Shared Calendars”. There is a “Publish A Calendar” section. Click “Permissions” in this section. Now, select “Can View All Details” and hit publish. There will be an ics link that appears, click the “Copy Link” button. 

You want to go to your Google calendar now. Find the “Other Calendar” section and hit the + sign. Select “From Url”. Paste the Url you copied from Outlook. Then, select “Add Calendar”. The Google calendar will now appear in the “Other Calendar” section. 

  • Open settings in Outlook
  • Click View all Outlook settings
  • Select Calendar
  • Click Shared Calendars
  • Select Permissions
  • Click Can view all details
  • Select Publish
  • Copy the ics link that appears
  • In Google calendar, go to Other Calendar section
  • Hit the + sign
  • Click From Url
  • Paste the Url you copied earlier
  • Select Add Calendar
  • Choose this calendar in the Other Calendar section


In this guide, we have discussed how to work with Google and Outlook calendars. Specifically, we looked at how to sync each calendar to the other. Almost everyone uses multiple calendars, whether at home or for work. It is a good idea to know how to do this so you do not lose anything important.