How To Clear The Cache In Teams

If you are having regular issues with Microsoft Teams, clearing the cache is a good step to take. I will show you how to do that in this article.

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Many times Teams will start working slowly or refuse to open at all. These are the most common signs. Clearing the cache is often the fix for these issues. It is a good first step and safe to try if you are having problems. 


Closing Teams

The first step is to make sure Teams is fully closed. It will stay open in the taskbar even if you close out of the chat screen window. To close Teams, go to your taskbar and look for the Teams icon there. Then, right click the icon and select “Quit”. This will fully close the app.

  • Look at taskbar
  • Right click on Teams icon
  • Select Quit


Clearing the Cache

Now, open the Windows “run” menu. This is easily done by holding the “Windows button + R” key combination on your keyboard. A little box will pop up that says “Run” at the top left. In this box type:


Then hit enter. You will see a list of folders, look for the one called “Teams”. You can just delete this. Highlight it and click the trash can button or any other way you know of.

  • Open “Run” menu
  • Use “Windows + R” keyboard combination
  • Type %appdata%\Microsoft
  • Select the Teams folder and delete it


Restart Teams

Now you can safely restart Teams. Click your icon to get it going. It will probably take longer than usual to start up this first time after clearing the cache. That is ok, don’t worry. Hopefully, this fixes your issues. If not, you have still helped Teams and ruled out a couple issues.

  • Start Teams as normal
  • Be patient if Teams takes longer to open