How To Backup Windows 10 With System Image

There are many things that can go wrong with a computer. When it has all your kids pictures or videos on them, that is a big problem. Let me show you how to backup Windows to prevent these problems.

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How To Backup Windows 10 With System Image

In this guide, I am going to use the tool built into Windows. It is called System Image. This is a pretty good tool that has some good options. System Image lets you backup your settings and files easily. 

Creating The Backup

This process creates an image file for the backup. To start the process, open the control panel. You can use the Windows search feature to search for it. From there, select System and Security. Now, click Backup and Restore. On the left, select Create A System Image. Make sure you have an external drive connected. Then, just follow the on screen directions. You will choose where to backup everything and what to backup on your computer. 

The backup will take a while to complete, so be patient. Once done, you can make multiple copies of your image file to put on other drives. You can also upload it to a cloud service.

  • Connect external drive
  • Open control panel
  • Select System and Security
  • Select Backup and Restore
  • Select Create A System Image
  • Select Next and choose location

Restoring Your Files

If something ever happens to your computer, you have to restore it. The first thing you have to do is boot into Windows. You use a USB drive for this. It takes a Windows 10 .iso file and a tool like Rufus. Search Rufus in your browser. It is easy to work with. Once you have a bootable drive, use it to boot into the Windows menu.

Follow the on screen directions and hit next. Then, select Repair Your computer. Click the Troubleshoot option and then the System Image Recovery button. Select Windows 10. Once your backup file is detected, click Next. On the following screen, pick the latest backup file you have. Then, just follow the directions by hitting next and restore. Windows will now restore the backup file you had created and everything will be the same as of that date.   

  • Connect bootable USB with image file on it
  • Follow on screen directions and hit Next
  • Select Repair Your Computer
  • Click Troubleshoot
  • Select System Image Recovery
  • Click Windows 10
  • Select Next
  • Wait for image file to be detected then hit Next
  • Select latest file you have
  • Hit next as needed and then Restore
  • Wait for it to be finished


In this article, we talked about backing up your Windows 10 computer. This is often needed because a drive can go bad and you will lose all of your files on it. Afterwards, we discussed how to restore your image file back to your machine.