How To Setup A New Outlook Profile


In this article, I want to discuss why we might want to make a new outlook profile and how to do it. This will be for a Windows machine.

Table of Contents

Why Make A New Profile

You will want to make a new Outlook profile when you experience weird issues and syncing problems. The cause of this is usually corruption on the server. Removing your profile can cause even more issues, however. So, the thing to do is to make a new profile and switch to it. You can set this new profile to be the default every time you open Outlook.

Your profile is where Outlook stores its settings. These settings tell the program how to connect to your email server and where to store your precious emails.

You can use many profiles in the Outlook software. It's useful to do this because you can use one profile for work and another for personal use. This lets you keep your emails separate.

Sometimes Outlook will just quit working right. So, making a new profile for a user with the same settings often fixes the issue.

Creating New Profile

Here are the steps to create a new Outlook profile.

  • Open the “control panel’
  • Select “Mail”
  • Select “Show Profiles”
  • Then select “add”
  • Name your new profile
  • Then choose if you want to use this new profile all the time

The control panel is where most of the settings in a Windows machine can be accessed. The best way to open it is to search for it. You do this by selecting the start button, which activates the search feature. Then type control and it will pop up in your search results. Select it to open it.

You will now want to find the <mail> settings in the control panel. Use the search bar of the control panel in the upper right. Type mail in the search bar and it appears automatically.

A small window appears with some different options. You want to select the button on the bottom right called <Show Profiles>.

To create a new profile, select the button in the middle of the current window on the far left. It is called <Add…>.

In the <Profile Name:> box, rename it whatever you want.

Now, follow the prompts and use your typical settings. This should create a new profile automatically. You can then select it from your profile menu.


Creating a new profile is a good way to fix errors in your Outlook or help diagnose issues. In this document, we talked about why you would want to create a new Outlook profile and also how to do it.