How to Install Creative Cloud From Mosyle

Mosyle is an app center. It is used to install apps on a Mac. It is a short form for Mosyle Business Store. This software is designed for mobile device management. This means laptops, tablets, and even phones. We will use this software to install Creative Cloud on a user’s device.




Current Process

Open the search tool on the Mac.

You can use the menu or keyboard shortcut for it.

The keyboard shortcut is command+spacebar.

In the list of apps, look for Adobe Creative cloud.

There will be an “install” button below the icon.

You will hit this “install” button to begin the installation.

If the button does not say “install”, you probably have it installed already.

So, you will check the menu on the device that you're using to see if it is listed there.



There are few issues that come up but here are the main ones.

Make sure they have a license applied to their account.

Sometimes their boss may make a request before everything else is set up for their account.

The other main issue is they already have it installed and do not know how to look at their menu for it.

You can check their install status in a variety of ways, but the Adobe Admin Portal may be the quickest at first.



In this brief article, we have looked at installing Adobe Creative Cloud from a help desk perspective. I gave a quick overview of Mosyle, our mobile device management software we used to manage users and install software.

Then I go over the actual process of the installation. However, it is extremely simple and just requires a single push of a button in most cases. I would just watch and make sure the installation goes as expected.

Finally, there is not much that could go wrong, but I list the main things that I have seen go wrong or cause problems.